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Safety Tips To Use A Drain Cleaner

Drains are an important part of the property and to ensure the smooth flow of wastewater, you should avoid throwing solid waste materials. However, there are several other reasons due to which the drain might get clogged like grease buildup, etc. In Seattle, people pour hot water down the drain at regular intervals to prevent grease build-up. But if still, there is a blockage, you can hire drain services from Seattle.

You can also follow the below-given tips to clean the blockage.

Prefer a sewer jetter to unblock the drain ::  A sewer jetter is a tool to unclog the drain. It comes with different speed settings that allow you to set the spray pattern. If the clog is deep, then you need to apply more force with a sewer jetter. You can also use a flushing option through a laser nozzle to remove any heavier clog. You should always fix your spray pattern to 90 degrees.

Prevent the grease buildup chances ::  Grease may easily buildup down the drain, so you should remove it using a saltwater solution. You just need to pour the solution on the affected area and it will remove the grease and also the odor. You should apply this method periodically.

Avoid using harmful cleaners ::  When you buy a drain cleaner, don’t prefer to choose a cleaner in which acid is included. They are very harmful to your health, PVC pipes, and wastewater. If you have no other option, then wear a mask and gloves while using it. After using the cleaner, you should put it in a secure place where your children can’t reach it.

Use a natural drain cleaner ::  To clean the clogs, you should prefer to use baking soda and colorless vinegar. You should pour ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar into the drain. Their reaction will clean the clog completely.