Month: June 2019

Measures To Take If You Enter A Party Wall Dispute

You might want to extend your building by adding more floors or rooms to it. But before starting the construction, you might want to ensure that your wall is not shared with your neighbour’s. If your neighbour and you share a wall, then you may have to prepare a Party Wall Agreement. The measure is taken if in case your builder damages your neighbor’s property, then who will be liable. The Party Wall Agreement was brought into law to avoid any disputes.

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What to do if a Party Wall dispute does arise?

If your neighbour does not agree to your terms and a dispute arises, you cannot commence any construction until the dispute is solved and you get consent in writing to start the building. So, you will need to appoint a surveyor for unbiased agreement. If you and your neighbour agree, you can hire one surveyor acting for both of you; if not, then you both will need different surveyors acting on your behalves. Make sure to engage someone who has been working for many years and has appropriate knowledge and experience.

The surveyor will prepare an ‘Award’, a document containing all the details of the construction to be done; including date of starting and completion, amount of work to be done, and if something extra is needed then provisions for that. It will also include the present condition of the building belonging to both the parties. The document of Award is considered to be agreed by both the parties and is the final binding legal document.


Ease The Property Buying And Selling Process By Hiring The Estate Agents

There are so many property dealing agencies in Stratford and all over the world which help in selling, buying and making investments in properties. These agencies provide their experts or estate agents in Stratford and other cities who help the clients throughout the process from showing the property till its purchase or sale. They minimize the effort of the people by handling different processes and providing solicitors to take care of the legal formalities.

Benefits of hiring real estate agent 

Marketing service – with the help of agent, you can achieve maximum impact and exposure when you showcase your property for sale. But before selling your property, it is important to advertise it in the best ways like full color brochure flyers, online advertisements, etc. The estate agents from Stratford can improve your marketing ways and can attract more customers for buying your property.

Skillful negotiator – before buying or selling any property it is important to negotiate over the current price of the property. So, if you don’t know how to negotiate with your client then you should hire a full service estate agent. They have the skills to negotiate on the price and get the best deal for their client.

Hassle free selling – if you want to make the selling procedure hassle free then hiring a full service real estate agent is the best way. They also valuate your property and enlist for selling and find potential buyers who are ready to pay the asked price for the property. They also handle everything like paperwork, selling and buying agreements, etc.

Want To Extend Your Lease Period – Hire Lease Extension Attorneys And Get Rid Of All Problems

Every person has one dream that is to have their own house or property where they can live peacefully with their family. With increase in the number of population it seems to be little difficult due to which more and more people are preferring apartments and flats on lease. For having a property on lease, a legal agreement is prepared in which all things related to lease are mentioned including start and end of the lease period. Mostly the lease period tends to be from 99 years to 125 years and in case if you want to extend this period then also get a legal agreement prepared for lease extension.

In the extension agreement, things such as party name, end and starting of the lease period and other important things are listed. Along with this, it is also stated that the earlier agreement has been extended. So, in case if you are also holding a leased property and want to extend your lease period then you must take help of lease extension attorneys. Now days, they are having great demand in London where many leaseholders are seeking their help. If you also want to extend your lease then they can help out. They are familiar with all this process and know how to file for the extension period. In fact, they will even do all the paperwork due to which your tension is reduced. Not only this, they can even help you in owning the leasehold property if you and your landlord are ready for this.